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Join the Academy of Ideas

Institute of Ideas associates get a big reduction on ticket prices for the Battle of Ideas as well as other benefits. Click here to see prices and read below for more information about joining the Academy of Ideas 


At the Institute of Ideas (IoI) we rely on the financial support of like-minded individuals to continue our work. Joining the IoI as an associate is a way of showing your support for our work, and allowing us to take things further. Already, thousands of individuals have participated as speakers, audience members and organising partners in over one hundred conferences and seminars organised by the IoI. After the tremendous success of the Battle of Ideas festival 2005, this year’s festival looks set to be even bigger and better, with the same buzz and excitement, and the IoI’s continued commitment to no-holds-barred debate and argument.


Additionally, over the past year our forums on education, health and culture and the IoI book club have gone from strength to strength, each hosting monthly meetings that have brought together people working in the various fields to join in rigorous and stimulating debate and discussion about the state of contemporary institutions, politics and culture. Institute of Ideas associates can participate in our forums and the book club.


Other projects involving IoI Associates include the highly successful Institute of Ideas and Pfizer Debating Matters Competition for schools – places for the DMC competition 2006/7 are already filling up fast – and the reviews website Culture Wars (


IoI Associates receive substantial discounts on our public events, a monthly newsletter and other benefits, as well as giving their financial support to the IoI’s mission of shaping the future through debate.


To join the Academy of Ideas, please download and fill out the below form


and return it to: Geoff Kidder, head of membership and events, Institute of Ideas, Signet House, 49 - 51 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3JP


or call Geoff Kidder, on 020 7269 9224


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