Vibe Bar

We at The Vibe Bar are enormously pleased to be continuing our partnership and collaboration with The Battle of Ideas International Satellite Festival. Communicating, performing and discussing with people who are inquisitive across the world is something that chimes very readily with us. Having co-founded The Truman Brewery as a new centre for arts and business in London, we are all about ideas that push the boundaries of what people think is possible. We are also concerned with many of the things happening both across the globe and within the UK. That is why we are so excited to be partnering especially in this 10th Battle of Ideas Year!

Alan Miller Founding Partner, The Vibe Bar; Co-Founder The Old Truman Brewery

 Festival Buzz

"For one weekend in the year, in the centre of London, it's as if ideas matter, it's as if the world really can be made a better place through the free and energetic exercise of reason."
Austen Ivereigh, Catholic commentator