Flush it!
A film premiere hosted by WORLDwrite & the Great Debate
Sunday 2 November, 12.45pm until 1.45pm, Lecture Theatre 1

Watery but never wet, this compelling documentary promises to put aspirations for Western levels of water provision and sanitation on the map for developing countries. The film interweaves concerns about local water shortages, global water scarcity and toilet history with aspirations for grand projects and excellent loos. Eritrean refugee Tiba is at the centre of the film. Pontificating from her own bath full of bubbles Tiba considers everything from depleted aquifers to desalination to Livingstone’s plea not to flush. Tiba’s wet dream informs us pit latrines stink, while experts help flush the crap and remind us that water can never run out.

The documentary includes witness testimony from Dr Caspar Hewett, water engineer; James Woudhuysen, Professor of Forecasting and Innovation at De Montfort University; Angela Lee, Exhibition Curator, Gladstone Toilet Museum; Terry Woolliscroft, Customer Manager, Twyford Bathrooms; James Heartfield, writer and lecturer; Robin Oakley, Senior Climate Campaigner, Greenpeace UK; Tony Rachwal, Thames Water Research & Development Director

The film’s premiere will be followed by a question and answer session with Dr Caspar Hewett, water engineer and Chair of the Great Debate & Viv Regan, the film’s producer. Chair Ceri Dingle Director

Viv Regan
managing editor, spiked
- Caspar Hewett
Lecturer in civil engineering at Newcastle University, and director of The Great Debate
Ceri Dingle
director, WORLDwrite & WORLDbytes

 Produced by
Viv Regan managing editor, spiked

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