'Sci Fi transport': a thing of the past?
Sunday 2 November, 10.00am until 10.45am, Lecture Theatre 2 Breakfast Banter

Whatever happened to the jet-pack, the flying car, the monorail, the personalised Lear jet? Or how about Maglev taxis, automated highways and long-haul flights by space shuttle? All these fantastic transport ideas were commonplace utopian ambitions for the future as imagined by the Sixties generation. Most of them were even technologically possible back then.

Today, if there is ever mention of anything so fanciful, it is dismissed as at best unsustainable, at worst irresponsible. Nowadays, aviation policy demands restraint, eco-towns are designed to encourage us to walk not drive, and transport gurus – like Boris and Dave-style politicians - cycle to work, while manned space travel is deemed too risky. Are future transport visions doomed to be of the modest ‘feet on the ground’ variety, or might we hope for more exciting sci-fi possibilities?

Louis Savy
founder and organiser, SCI-FI-LONDON, the London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film.
Mark Charmer
founder, The Movement Design Bureau; European council member, Spark Design Awards; edits Re*Move blog.
Tony Nixon
senior lecturer, Information Systems, Open University; academic consultant, James May's 20th Century

 Produced by
Claire Fox director, Academy of Ideas; panellist, BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze; author, I Find That Offensive

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