Dr Sarah Dauncey

I received my PhD in English and Comparative Literary Studies from the University of Warwick. My postdoctoral research explores the representation of forensic science in twentieth-century fiction and scrutinizes its global cultural popularity. I am interested in the way the field has broadened its sphere of influence to intervene in international legal, political, and cultural affairs. Additionally, I am committed to the transformative potential of e-learning and have established virtual learning communities for gifted and talented learners, in the past with the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth and, at present, for the YG&T Academy. I have written papers on the value of e-learning and am continuing to pursue ways to capitalize on the power of the internet to network students across time and space and provide beyond classroom enrichment.

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Saturday 1 November 2008, 3.30pm Henry Moore Gallery
CSI mania


Forthcoming: These Bones Can Talk: Twentieth-Century Forensic Narratives; Corpse Life: The Contemporary Preoccupation with Human Remains, co-edited with Tiffany Jenkins

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"A rare opportunity to debate first hand with those involved in the great issues of our time."
Chris Rapley, director, Science Museum