Dr Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson is currently a Senior Lecturer in Crime Scene Science in the School of Science & Technology, University of Teesside. Here he divides his time between teaching, research and enterprise. Before coming to Teesside, Tim studied at the Universities of Bradford and Sheffield and was Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology in the Unit of Anatomy & Forensic Anthropology, University of Dundee.

Tim has published in peer-reviewed journals and books on a range of subjects from osteology to anthropological educational frameworks, from the ethics of forensic anthropology to burned human remains. His co-edited book, Forensic Human Identification, has recently been released. His forthcoming publications focus on the role of the photographic image in the examination of clandestine scenes of crime and the notion of the archive in forensic anthropology. He was recently Secretary of the British Association for Human Identification and is an accredited practicing forensic anthropologist who has worked at home and abroad.

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Saturday 1 November 2008, 3.30pm Henry Moore Gallery
CSI mania


Thompson, T.J.U. (in press – due Nov) The Role of the Photograph in the Application of Forensic Anthropology and the Interpretation of Clandestine Scenes of Crime Photography & Culture.

Thompson, T.J.U. and Black, S.M. (eds.) (2006) Forensic Human Identification. CRC Press, Inc.: Florida, USA.

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Naresh Fernandes, editor-in-chief, Time Out India