Dr Agnes Nairn

Dr Agnes Nairn is an academic researcher, writer and consultant based in Bath, UK.  She is Professor of Marketing at two of Europe’s leading business schools: EM-Lyon Business School in France and RSM Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

Her book Consumer Kids, co-authored with Ed Mayo of Consumer Focus will appear in January 2009.  It takes a hard look at what’s happening as children are increasingly targetted by corporations.

Agnes is currently on the panel convened by the Department for Children, Schools and Families to assess the evidence for the impact of the commercial world on children’s wellbeing.

Her recent publications in the area include “Watching, Wanting and Wellbeing”, “Busted are Cool but Barbie’s a Minger”, “Fair Game”, “Pester Power” and “Who’s Messing with My Mind”.

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Sunday 2 November 2008, 5.45pm Café
Consuming children


2009 “Consumer Kids” co-authored with Ed Mayo, published by Constable Robinson, forthcoming January 2009

2008 Nairn, Agnes and Cordelia Fine “Who’s Messing with My Mind?” The Implications of Dual Process Models for the Ethics of Advertising to Children.”  International Journal of Advertising. Special Issue on Brain Sciences. 27 (3)

2008 Nairn, Agnes, Christine Griffin and Patricia Gaya Wicks,“Children and Brand Symbols: A Consumer Culture Approach”, European Journal of Marketing, Volume 42, Issue 3, June

2007 Nairn, Agnes. Pester Power: Families Surviving the Consumer Society. Care for the Family, October

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