Lucy Eyre

Lucy Eyre is the renowned author of If Minds Had Toes. The book tells the story of Ben, a curious but bored 15 year old who becomes the focus of a bet between Socrates and Wittgenstein about whether philosophy can make your life better. Socrates and Wittgenstein are battling over supremacy in the World of Ideas, an afterlife for philosophers, where they both live (if live is the word) and are forced to interact.  She studied PPE at Oxford and gained an MSC in Economics from the London School of Economics. Following several stints as an economist working on EU merger policy and antitrust litigations, mostly in Brussels, she left to write her first bestselling novel.

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Saturday 1 November 2008, 3.30pm Café
Can philosophy save your life?

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"I was amazed by the high quality of the Battle of Ideas 2007 and the intellectual excitement that it provoked."
Prof Malcolm Grant CBE, president and provost, University College London