Dr Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan has researched and published about both the effects of the Internet and about social movements, however his work is now on the cultures and politics created in new communicative practices arising from the new complex of information technologies that have arisen around technologies like the Internet and mobile phones. He recently worked on hacking communities to create an overview of hacking that includes cracking, free software/open source movement, hacktivism and the digital proletariat that was published in Hacking: digital media and technological determinism, Polity 2008. Tim is currently exploring the world of massive multiplayer online games both as a player and analyst (Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft). For social movement studies, he was a co-founder of the journal Social Movement Studies: journal of social, political and cultural protest, which is the only academic journal devoted to studying social movements that is housed with a major publisher (Taylor and Francis). Tim also co-authored with Paul Taylor an extensive study of politically motivated hacking in Hacktivism: rebels with a cause, Routledge, 2004. Behind all these lurk interests in social theory, that occasionally see the light of day, and occasional other interests including a psychosocial reading of Pokemon.

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Saturday 1 November 2008, 10.30am Student Union
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Hacking: digital media and technological determinism, Cambridge; Polity, 2008

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"I was astonished by the interest and by the fact that so many thoughtful and intelligent people were willing to give up a huge part of their weekends to listen to and discuss ideas."
Ruth Gledhill, religion correspondent, The Times