Professor Ivan Waddington

Ivan Waddington is Visiting Professor at the Centre for Research into Sport and Society, University of Chester and at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Oslo.

Professor Waddington is the author of several books and many articles on sport, education, health and drugs in scholarly journals. He has also provided expert testimony to the European Commission’s investigation into doping in sport. His books include Sport, Health and Drugs (2000) and he was commissioned to co-author the 2002 report for the British Medical Association, Drugs in Sport: the Pressure to Perform.  His other books include Fighting Fans: Football Hooliganism as a World Phenomenon (UCD Press, Dublin, 2002); Sport Histories (Routledge, 2004); Pain and Injury in Sport: Social and Ethical Analysis (Routledge, 2006); and Matters of Sport: Essays Presented in Honour of Eric Dunning, (Routledge 2007). His latest book is An Introduction to Drugs in Sport: Addicted to Winning? to be published by Routledge in December

His work on club doctors and physiotherapists in English professional football clubs, carried out for the Professional Footballers Association, revealed a great deal of bad practice and received extensive media coverage. In 2003 he conducted for the BBC the first ever survey of drug use in English professional football, again with the cooperation of the Professional Footballers Association.

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An Introduction to Drugs in Sport: Addicted to Winning? (with Andy Smith) Routledge, December, 2008.

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