Dr Joe Kaplinsky

Joe Kaplinsky is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology at the Danish Technical University. He has worked on a range of technologies. In the energy sector, he has worked on projects to ensure that electricity grids do not black out to new ways to monitor nuclear waste. He is author, with James Woudhuysen, of Energise! A Future for Energy Innovation. Joe has more recently worked in medical research. As a research fellow at Harvard Medical School, he developed new ways to understand the immune system through analysis of Big Data from genome sequencing. He is now working on applying these ideas to develop new therapies for cancer and other diseases.

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Sunday 2 November 2008, 5.45pm Lecture Theatre 1
Nuclear fusion and the future of energy


Energise! A future for energy innovation (Beautiful Books, 2009)

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