As an education charity with an uncompromising commitment to North South equality and as documentary film-makers, the Battle of Ideas is an absolute must for us. Staying ahead of global trends and discussing ideas with some of the great free thinkers of our time provides so much food for thought and such inspiration. This year’s Emerging Economies strand, The Battle for Prosperity, promises to firm up our intellectual muscle, challenge the West’s fears and engender some excitement about levels of growth in the East and developing world. WORLDwrite are delighted and honoured to be supporting this much needed festival again.

- Ceri Dingle, Director, WORLDwrite

Festival Buzz

View: 'Turn That Racket Off'

"The Battle of Ideas goes from strength to strength. The intensity, variety and depth of debate, sustained for an entire weekend, makes for a unique experience charging the intellectual batteries for the rest of the year."
Raymond Tallis, emeritus professor of geriatric medicine, Manchester University