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The role of the museum in contemporary society has significantly changed during the last twenty years and at Tate this is reflected in the gallery’s developing relationship to global culture and communities through international programmes and partnerships. Tate Britain, as the home of the National Collection of British Art, is committed to engaging in cultural debate around the role and value of the arts in relation to the internationalism of its audiences both within the UK and abroad. The Battle Satellites programme presents a timely opportunity to collaborate with the Academy of Ideas in creating public debate about the changing place of the museum in contemporary culture.

Victoria Walsh, Head of Public Programmes, Tate Britain

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Particle Physics is Sexy

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"It alerts me to new areas of debate, and gives thought-provoking new angles on topics I thought I already knew well. Altogether it's a wonderful intellectual tonic, which cheers up the dog days of November."
Ivan Hewett, music critic, Daily Telegraph