University of Notre Dame London Centre

The Academy of Ideas has provided through its Battle Satellites a series of charged arenas for vigorous debate about the most urgent local and global issues of our time.  The University of Notre Dame (USA) regularly facilitates such debate at its London Centre, an international study abroad centre and cultural institution dedicated to public scrutiny of urgent cultural concerns, past and present, through conferences, symposia, lecture series, university classes, and the type of robust debates characteristic of Battle Satellites.  Given the University of Notre Dame’s special concerns with the arts, religion, global studies, and social justice, we are particularly delighted and honoured to host Battle Satellites on these themes.

Greg Kucich, Director, University of Notre Dame (USA) in England, London Program

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Each to his iPod or Great Music For All

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"The Battle of Ideas is a unique opportunity to learn from vigorous exchanges among some of the world's best-informed and most provocative people."
Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator, Financial Times