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Technology & The City

The privatisation of public space
This report looks at the growing private ownership and management of the public realm and argues that a quiet revolution in landownership, replicating Victorian patterns, is just beginning.
Anna Minton, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Data 'crucial' to eradicating poverty
The UN’s sustainable development goals can’t be achieved unless more funding goes to data and statistics, says new report.
Sarah Shearman, Guardian, 28 September 2015

The moral cowardice of the drone debate
Who cares if killing those jihadis was legal? The question is: was it right?
Luke Gittos, spiked, September 2015

Green Belt myths
Recent reports focus on weakening Green Belt protection to allow greater freedom for large housebuilders. However, the arguments within these reports are based on a highly selective reading of the relevant evidence, and give little consideration to the wide range of benefits provided by Green Belt policy. These myths urgently need to be challenged.
Campaign to Protect Rural England, August 2015

Does London Really Want To Be A 24-Hour City?
The forthcoming 24-hour tube will make London more accessible for night time culture, but restrictive licensing and development policy seem to clash with that sentiment?
Richard Brown, Londonist, 24 June 2015

We must fight for our right to party
Killjoy bureaucrats are regulating clubbing out of existence.
David Bowden, spiked, 18 June 2015

The driverless car and the fall of man
The quest for robotic cars is underwritten by a suspicion of humanity.
Norman Lewis, spiked, 20 April 2015

How Much Public Space Does a City Need?
Ultimately, it’s not only about how much a city has by way of streets, but also what a city – and its residents – do with them.
Greg Scruggs, Next City, 7 January 2015

The robots are not taking over
James Woudhuysen, spiked, December 2014

The Thames garden bridge is nothing but a wasteful blight
The cost of Joanna Lumley’s idea has risen to £175m so far and the impact on the surrounding area will be horrendous
Rowan Moore, Guardian, 22 November 2014

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