Dr Philip Cunliffe

Philip Cunliffe completed his doctorate in war studies at King’s College London. Before joining the University of Kent, Philip taught in the defence studies and war studies departments of King’s College London. In 2008 Philip was appointed to provide reports on Western Balkan politics for the Economist Intelligence Unit. He contributes regularly to the international media and has broadcast on local radio stations as well as BBC Radio 4, Al Jazeera, Russia Today and Press TV. He blogs at www.thefirstphilippic.wordpress.com and tweets @thephilippics.

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Politics Without Sovereignty: A Critique of Contemporary International Relations (co-editor with C. Bickerton and A. Gourevitch) (UCL Press, 2007)

Legions of Peace: UN Peacekeepers from the Global South (Hurst & Co., 2013)

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