Geoff Kidder

Geoff Kidder is Director of Membership and Events at the Academy of Ideas. He supervises the IoI’s administration and event management including the Battle of Ideas festival, runs the Academy of Ideas’ associate member scheme and convenes the IoI Book Club. Geoff is also the Academy of Ideas’ resident expert in all sporting matters.

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Saturday 16 May 2009, 1.45pm The Great Hall
Saturday 31 October 2009, 3.30pm Lecture Theatre 2
Sunday 1 November 2009, 3.45pm Courtyard Gallery
Sunday 1 November 2009, 5.30pm Café

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"What makes these sessions much more stimulating than most seminars is the sharp, often challenging contributions from the audience so that you have a real debate, not just a platform presentation."
Richard Donkin, independent journalist and author