Jason Mesut

With his wide-eyed education in Industrial Design and extended work experience as an Interaction Designer at Yell.com, Jason took a radical move for a designer by joining a management consultancy and challenging his ideals in order to learn more about business. Since then he has worked through some of the most respected digital design agencies in the UK, advocating a user-centred design approach to his clients. Over the past five years, he has developed a specialism in the Healthcare User Experience field, working across a number of private clients and NHS organisations including National electronic Library for Health, Map of Medicine, and more recently, NHS Choices.

Jason is known for his passion, speaking his mind and encouraging critical debate across design. A couple of years ago he setup and ran the UK’s first Healthcare User Experience conference, and is currently getting to grips with the new wave of ‘Service Design’ that is sweeping across the public sector, while doing his best to help change behaviours and improve user experiences through his work for his clients at The Team, a brand communications consultancy based in London Bridge

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Sunday 1 November 2009, 3.45pm Student Union

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