Sharmini Brookes

Sharmini grew up under Apartheid South Africa when members of her family were incarcerated on Robben Island for joining the then banned ANC and fighting for liberation from the oppressive rule of the Nationalist Party Government. She was sent to the UK In 1975 to complete her education.

She missed the exhilarating period in the late 80’s and 90’s when the masses, including her family, immersed themselves in grassroots politics with emerging organisations such as the MDM (Mass Democratic Movement), the UDM (United Democratic Front) and AZAPO (the Azanian Peoples’ Organisation. Instead she was immersed in British politics, challenging racism and fighting for the rights of women, arguing for freedom for the Irish and supporting the miners.

Much has changed (and not all for the better) since her return to post-Apartheid South Africa in 2012 and Sharmini is attempting to unravel the new political climate she finds herself in.

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Sunday 1 November 2009, 3.45pm Henry Moore Gallery

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"What makes these sessions much more stimulating than most seminars is the sharp, often challenging contributions from the audience so that you have a real debate, not just a platform presentation."
Richard Donkin, independent journalist and author