Pauline Tiffen

An innovative thinker, as well as a practical and strong leader, Pauline has worked for academic institutions, mainstream and alternative business, the voluntary sector, co-operative and community development organizations, North and South,  in advisory, executive and non-executive positions.

Pauline is multi-lingual and able to work in situations of geographic, technical and ethnic diversity.

Her ability to design and form new institutions, foment and nurture cross-cultural economic exchange and to develop new forms of business collaboration has been demonstrated in more than two decades of work in the alternative trading sector in traditional and non-traditional commodities and across three continents.

Pauline was founder of two of the leading fair trade companies: Cafedirect and The Divine Chocolate Company.

Pauline is a widely published and an articulate communicator, especially able in helping define ways to overcome systemic barriers, inertia and prejudice and define and implement practical mechanisms to improve the political and economic position of marginalised or disadvantaged producers.

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"Just when Kant's formulation that 'the public exercise of reason should be free' had begun to seem so remote and exhausted, the Battle should reinforce one's faith in the enduring worth of dissent and of the free traffic in ideas"
Swapan Chakravorty, professor of english, Jadavpur University