Dan Rees

Dan Rees has been with ETI since 1999 and has spearheaded its growth from a small group of visionaries to its position today as an internationally recognised authority on ethical trade, with a membership of over 50 leading brands and retailers, trade unions collectively representing nearly 160 million workers around the world, and leading campaigning and development organisations.

Dan has led many of ETI’s collective projects designed to develop good corporate practice and improve conditions for workers, including helping set up the first ever multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at improving workers’ conditions in South Africa. He has brokered negotiations between ETI member retailers and brands, suppliers and trade unions to resolve major abuses of workers’ rights.

Dan regularly advises the UK Government, the ILO and other UN bodies and leading companies on the implementation of corporate codes of labour practice.
Dan set up and chaired the Temporary Labour Working Group, the cross-industry alliance established to help stamp out exploitation of temporary labour providers or ‘gangmasters’ in the UK agricultural sector.

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