Professor Lorraine Gamman

Lorraine Gamman is Professor of Design Studies, School of Graphic and Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins (CSM) College of Art and Design, which is part of the University of the Arts London.  She wrote her PhD on shoplifting at Middlesex University in 1999, taught product, graphic and industrial design at CSM for ten years before setting up the practice-led Design Against Crime Research Centre (DACRC - see which she has directed since 1999. Her work with Adam Thorpe and DACRC has won several awards for design innovation and together they have co-curated over 15 design exhibitions and catalysed a number of DAC product ranges including Stop Thief chairs, Karrysafe bags and Bikeoff anti-theft bike stands.  She is a member of the Home Office’s Design Technology Alliance that advises Britain’s Home Secretary and is also Vice Chair of the Designing Out Crime Association.

Lorraine Gamman’s crime-focussed publications include the design resource, Gone Shopping, the Story of Shirley Pitts, Queen of Thieves (1996 film rights sold to Channel 4 in 2000, see and numerous journal articles on socially responsive design and most recently on the “dark side of creativity” (Cambridge University Press, 2010).  She also writes on visual culture and has published widely on this subject.

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