James Matthews

James Matthews is a management consultant, and a commentator on American current affairs, based in New York. A founding member of the NY Salon, James has produced NY Salon events “Is there a ‘culture of corruption’?” and “Athletes as role models in the steroids era”, and appeared on the NY Salon panel “The recession, Obama and the future”.

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Saturday 31 October 2009, 1.30pm Courtyard Gallery
Sunday 1 November 2009, 5.30pm Upper Gulbenkian Gallery
Monday 9 November 2009, 5.00pm Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Triangle Branch, Broadway and 66th Street, New York

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Each to his iPod or Great Music For All

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"It was like having sex with Richard Dawkins and the Pope at the same time. Incredibly stimulating arguments. "
Julian Gough, novelist