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A limited number of press passes are available for all Battle of Ideas events and there are usually a wide range of opportunities to interview speakers.

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Press releases
27 October 2010
Leading sociologist warns Big Society could ‘nudge us into a moral wasteland’

With the Lib-Con coalition making a virtue of rolling back state micro-management in the Big Society, leading sociologist Frank Furedi will warn that unless liberals actively encourage individuals to take risks and learn from their mistakes, Britain could be ‘nudged into a moral wasteland.’ Read more…

13 October 2010
Leading public intellectual returns to Hungary to warn about the threat of citizen journalism

With European public life seemingly in crisis with the decline of print media and increasingly dominated by an online populism, Professor Frank Furedi, a leading Hungarian-born sociologist, will call on journalists to work harder to engage the public with serious ideas rather than over-exaggerating the threat of social media. Read more…

8 October 2010
Arts and Culture debates at the Battle of Ideas: from ancient Greece to the X-Factor

This year’s Battle of Ideas festival will feature leading cultural commentators speaking at a wide range of debates on arts and culture, taking place across London and culminating at the Royal College of Art on the weekend of October 30-31. Read more…

28 September 2010
International speakers visit London for a Battle of Ideas

This year’s Battle of Ideas festival will feature an unprecedented number of top-class speakers from across the world, travelling to London to debate the key ideas of our time at the Royal College of Art on the weekend of October 30-31. Read more…

16 September 2010
6th Battle of Ideas Festival Programme Announced

The Academy of Ideas today unveils the 6th BATTLE OF IDEAS FESTIVAL programme, featuring a line-up of almost 400 speakers participating in over 100 debates on society’s big issues and unresolved questions, taking place across three continents in October and November. Read more…

13 September 2010
Humanists blast “secular witch-hunt” over Pope’s visit

With the Pope’s visit to the UK this week expected to be overshadowed by a storm of protests from secular and atheist groups, leading British humanist think-tank the Academy of Ideas has today accused their fellow secularists of engaging in a New Atheist witch-hunt – in stark contrast to their own professed views on tolerance. Read more…

Festival Buzz

Is the Internet an Effective Forum for Public Debate?

"There was an astonishing range of opinions expressed while I was there, some of them pure nonsense, others profound, all of them provocative."
Daniel Moylan, Deputy chairman, Transport for London