National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NICE produces guidance on the most effective way to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and ill health. We do this by gathering evidence-based information on the effectiveness of new and existing treatments and technologies, and then exposing that evidence to the scrutiny of doctors, nurses, health technologists, patients and the public, who sit on our independent committees. This ensures that our guidance is effective, authoritative, and useful. We are often asked to make difficult decisions about how a healthcare system with a finite pot of money can best use its resources to provide good health for all, and it is in the spirit of this open and transparent debate that we are proud to be sponsors of the Battle of Ideas.

Festival Buzz

Battle of Ideas 2006 Welcome Address

"Disagreement has never felt more important and more enjoyable than at Battle of Ideas."
Jess Search, Chief executive, Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation