Festival Art Exhibition 2010: School of Fine Art

Saturday 30 October, 10.30am until 5.00pm, Entrance Gallery

In the Entrance Gallery there will be a specially curated exhibition of selected works of Fine Art students from the RCA. The nature of the students’ work selected, and the ethos of the show celebrates the processes and working methods that foster speculation and exploration.

CURATED BY: David Rayson, professor and head of department, School of Fine Art, Department of Painting, RCA and Cordelia Cembrowicz, vice president, RCA Students’ Union.

This is an exciting time to be an artist with the contemporary climate fostering creative diversity and an increasing demand for art that questions the conditions of engagement.

With recent exhibitions such as Nicolas Bourriard’s Altermodern at the Tate, that explored the effects of technology on the terms of engagement and communication, and the effect of the phenomenon termed Digi-Modernism on the status and role of the art object. This exhibition, along with initiatives such as James Brett’s The Museum of Everything showcasing the work of self-driven enthusiasts making work born out from rich internal motivations, proposed that the ‘student - academy – artist – gallery - history’, is a system that is to be continually challenged.

Nothing new in that; but I strongly believe to move forward, it is essential to regularly - ‘hit the refresh button’.

Also, what a wonderful dilemma for artists everywhere?

What is taking place inside, outside and beyond the academies, the galleries, and our known boundaries?

What effect can: the Internet, virtual imaging, and connect-ability to everything, and everything already taking place, have on artists as makers and our future histories?

Does art still need to take the form of an art-object?

Here at the RCA are a group of artists who are already navigating the art world as it exists today, and who have the potential to explore and work out from a multitude of established platforms and thrive through new inter-faces.

These are big questions that I believe can be acted upon in many individual, creative and idiosyncratic ways, by artists who are developing a critical insight directly - born out of making and doing.

How we now relate to the ontology of an artwork is becoming increasingly inter-subjective, and subject to wider forces that at times critique via a normative set of values, with all endeavours being causally assessed.

Yet artists still have the ability to entertain, surprise, bewilder and excite, finding meaningful ways of having their say, because they can more than say so, they can show so.

Professor David Rayson
Head of Fine Art
The Royal College of Art

Featuring works by

Nadine Feinson, MPhil student, Painting Dept, Royal College of Art
Kevin Gaffney, MA Photography, RCA; artist, “The Unnameable”
Sally-Anne Kelly, MA Performance Design & Practice, RCA; artist, “The Unnameable”

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