Anthony Barnett

Anthony Barnett is the founder of and the editor of its UK section, Our Kingdom.

Anthony helped launch Charter 88 in 1988 and was its first Director. Generating widespread support he turned it into a movement for the democratic reform of Britain (at the end of the 90s the Telegraph described it as the UK’s “most influential pressure group of the decade”). In 2009 he was the Co-Director of the Convention on Modern Liberty (alongside Henry Porter) which helped lay the basis for the Coalition’s Freedom Bill.

Anthony is also a writer and journalist. He is the author of Iron Britannia, Soviet Freedom, This Time and The Athenian Option (with Peter Carty); and co-author and editor of among other books, Aftermath: the Struggle of Vietnam and Cambodia, Power and the Throne, Town and Country and a considerable range of articles and pamphlets covering politics and culture and the television film, England’s Henry Moore.

He writes regularly for openDemocracy and for the New Statesman.

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Sunday 31 October 2010, 9.45am Courtyard Gallery

The Athenian Option: Radical Reform for the House of Lords (Imprint, 2008)
The Convention on Modern Liberty: The British Debate on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Imprint Academic, 2010)

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Nicky Charlish, participant, 2009