Julian Stanley

Julian Stanley was appointed Group Chief Executive of Teacher Support Network in 2009 after spending eight years as the Chief Executive and MD of a large community charity and its trading subsidiary in Peterborough.
Julian’s career to date has encompassed work in the theatre, arts education, community development, economic regeneration and teaching. Since his arrival at Teacher Support Network, Julian has spoken out on TV and in the media on a range of issues affecting teacher wellbeing, such as allegations against teachers, school building investment changes, pupil behaviour, and parent-teacher relations.

Julian writes a fortnightly column in SecED and is increasingly in demand as a speaker at a wide range of education events.
The Teacher Support Network Group of charities includes ‘Recourse’ (formerly the College & University Support Network), which offers tailored support services for all staff working in post-16 education. More information can be found at www.teachersupport.info

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