Mark Neocleous

Mark teaches politics at Brunel University and is a member of the Editorial Collective of Radical Philosophy.

One strand of Mark’s work has concerned questions of state power and the constitution of social order. This has involved an exploration of the mechanisms for managing capitalist modernity through the logic of ‘police’ and ‘security’. Crucial in this has been the relationship between this logic and reactionary shifts in political order, which has formed the second major strand of his work: fascism and the far Right.

The third strand has focused on the political imaginary. One dimension of this is how the state has been imagined through categories associated with human subjectivity, such as body, mind and personality. A further dimension concerns the politics of monstrosity and the question of our political relationship with the dead: how and why is monstrosity used politically, and how does this connect to our political understanding of the dead? The issues of monstrosity and the dead come together around the figure of the Undead.

He is currently working on the possibility of counter-strategic thinking, the central focus of which is the global civil war of capital and the label under which this war is carried out: ‘peace’. 

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Sunday 31 October 2010, 12.30pm Lecture Theatre 2

The Monstrous and the Dead: Burke, Marx, Fascism (University of Wales Press, 2005)

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