Tamsin Lejeune

Tamsin is the founder and Managing Director of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), an industry body focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. The EFF represents the worlds largest and most established network of fashion professionals dedicated to sustainability, representing almost 4000 members in over 100 countries.

Tamsin has over 10 years of experience in the ethical fashion sector, including launching and managing a fairtrade fashion label, managing an ambitious UK wide project integrating ethics into fashion college curricula, founding and managing the Ethical Fashion Forum since 2004, and working with hundreds of businesses seeking to integrate sustainability with commercial practices.

As Managing Director of the EFF Tamsin has led its development and growth, from the first meeting around a table to an international network of thousands of industry professionals. Her role has involved developing, raising funding for and managing a raft of initiatives, including the Ethical Fashion Source Expo- the first international trade show for sustainable suppliers to the fashion sector, the RE:Fashion Awards -the official awards for ethical fashion, and INNOVATION, the leading international competition for inspirational new talent in fashion design and sustainability. She has built working partnerships across the sector from the UN (ITC- Africa Inspires) to mainstream fashion and governmental bodies all over the world.

Tamsin is responsible for founding the Ethical Fashion Consultancy, EFF’s sister organsation which unites the worlds foremost experts on fashion and sustainability, and regularly speaks, writes, runs training programmes and mentors on fashion and ethics.

Tamsin holds a masters in International Development with a focus upon fashion and fair trade, is the author of Can Fashion be Fair? published in 2004, and is trained in fashion design and fashion business management. Tamsin is also a fully qualified architect, graduating with distinction and winning several awards, prior to focusing on the fashion sector.

Tamsin grew up in Zambia and Zimbabwe and has worked in an international development capacity in Africa, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Central America and Mexico.

Tamsins focus within EFF is now upon poverty reduction and sustainable livelihood creation through links to market in the fashion sector, building on partnerships with supplier networks in the developing world.

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