Dr Scott Steedman

Scott Steedman has spent the last twenty years working on major infrastructure and building projects in the UK and around the world. He has specialised in risk and natural disasters, forensic engineering, organisational change and innovation strategy.  Formerly a lecturer in engineering at Cambridge University, he has worked for consulting and contracting companies, including GIBB, Whitbybird, High-Point Rendel and Foster Wheeler Energy.

Scott is now Director of Products and Services at BRE Global (owned by the BRE Trust, formerly the Building Research Establishment) responsible for the future development of the widely known environmental assessment method, BREEAM. He is on the Board of the Port of London Authority and on the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills’ Innovation and Growth Team for the UK construction industry, tasked with developing UK government strategy for a competitive low carbon construction sector.

Scott is also a member of the Defence Scientific Advisory Council (DSAC), which provides independent advice to the UK Ministry of Defence in the fields of science, engineering, technology and analysis. Scott has been a Vice President of both the Institution of Civil Engineers and The Royal Academy of Engineering and is Editor-in-Chief of the Academy’s flagship magazine, Ingenia.

Scott has extensive television and radio experience, including scripting and presenting a 13 part series for Discovery called How did they build that? and contributing to programmes on ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman engineering. 

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