Yannis Hamilakis

Yannis’s research interests include the socio-politics of archaeology (including the politics of pedagogy), archaeological ethnography, the archaeology of the human body (including the consuming body), bodily senses and bodily memory, social zooarchaeology, and prehistoric Greece.

He is committed to an anthropologically-informed, critical archaeological engagement with past and present material culture, and to the inter-disciplinary nature of archaeological enterprise. This position recognises the historically contingent nature of archaeology as a device of western modernity, as well as its potential to enable a critical and reflexive experiential encounter with the material world. He also believes in a politically committed archaeological and academic practice, devoted to social justice.

He is a founding member and co-ordinator of the Radical Archaeology Forum, and founding member and first director of the University of Wales Centre for the Study of SE Europe.

He serves on the editorial boards of many international journals including: Classical Receptions Journal (2009-); Archaeologies: The Journal of the World Archaeological Congress (2005-); Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology (2004-); Aegean Archaeology (2002-); Research in Archaeological Education (2007-), Annual of the British School at Athens

Yannis studied at the University of Crete (BA History and Archaeology), and the University of Sheffield (MSc and PhD), and has been involved in a number of field projects in Greece and Britain.

He has taught at the University of Wales Lampeter (1996-2000) and the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2005). He has been Wiener Lab Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies, Athens (2002-03), Mary O’Seeger Fellow at Princeton University (1999), Library Fellow at Princeton University (2000), Margo Tytus Fellow at the University of Cincinnati (2003), and Getty Scholar at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2005-2006).

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