Mike Pitts

Mike began his career as a professional archaeologist and museum curator, directing excavations at Stonehenge and elsewhere. He went on to become a writer, photographer and traveller (spending many months in Asia and the Pacific, but also Africa, Madagascar, south and north America and Canada), and helped to open and run a groundbreaking and very busy vegetarian restaurant, Stones, in Avebury. Since 2000 Mike has worked as a freelance journalist, specialising mainly in archaeology, while continuing to conduct original research. He wrote Fairweather Eden (the Mail on Sunday non-fiction choice) and Hengeworld, and his writing has featured in UK newspapers, and magazines such as Wanderlust, BBC History,

and the American Archaeology.  Mike is an exhibited photographer, and says he is passionate about arts in general.

In the past five years, Mike has appeared in over 60 programmes for TV and radio, as well as appearing in or consulting on TV projects such as ‘Murder at Stonehenge for Channel 4, Stonehenge Live’ for Channel 5 and BBC2’s Digging for Britain. Mike brings archaeology news and debate to radio programmes such as BBC Radio 4’s Front Row and Radio 3’s Night Waves, and has presented archaeology-themed series on Radio 4.

He is a recipient of the British Archaeology Press Award, a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, a member of the professional Institute for Archaeologists and a director of Antiquity Publications Ltd.

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