Abhisek Ghosh

Abhisek enjoys writing, including poetry, stories, articles, critical reviews and even football match previews. He also adores alternative rock and spends his spare time watching movies   - his favourite being ‘Shawshank Redemption’. Abhisek’s hobbies include public speaking, debating, playing football and hanging out with friends. A great follower of the game of life, he’s been a ‘Gooner’ since 1999 and has idolised ‘the Invincibles’ in their campaigns over the years. Abhisek says he’s always believed in sincerity over seriousness – life being too short to be serious all the time.

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Saturday 30 October 2010, 5.15pm Lecture Theatre 1

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Radicalism then and now: the legacy of 1968

"There was an astonishing range of opinions expressed while I was there, some of them pure nonsense, others profound, all of them provocative."
Daniel Moylan, Deputy chairman, Transport for London