Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton is an adjunct scholar of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC, a new position he took up in July 2009.  Prior to that he was a research professor for the Institute for the Psychological Sciences. He is also a fellow of Blackfriars Hall in Oxford.

He is a writer, philosopher and public commentator who has specialised in aesthetics with particular attention to music and architecture. He engages in contemporary political and cultural debates as a powerful conservative thinker and polemicist. He has written widely in the press on political and cultural issues. His most recent books is: The Uses of Pessimism (2010) published by Atlantic Books.

In 2009 he published Beauty (Oxford University Press), Understanding Music (Continuum), and I Drink Therefore I Am (Continuum). He also made a documentary for BBC 2 on the theme of Beauty.

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Sunday 31 October 2010, 10.45am Courtyard Gallery

The Uses of Pessimism: and the Danger of False Hope (Atlantic Books, 2010)
Beauty (OUP Oxford, 2009)
Understanding Music: Philosophy and Interpretatione (Continuum International Publishing Group, 2009)
I Drink Therefore I am: A Philosopher’s Guide to Wine (Continuum International Publishing Group, 2009)

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Professor Stanley Feldman, retired doctor and academic