Carol Dyhouse

Carol Dyhouse is a research professor of history at the University of Sussex with interests in the social history of modern Britain. She has published widely on the history of girls’ upbringing and schooling and on women in higher education. A series of grants from the British Academy, Economic and Social Research Council, the Spencer Foundation and the Wellcome Trust for the History of Medicine have enabled her to carry out a number of linked research projects focussing on gender, student culture and the historical experience of higher education. Her most recent book on this subject, Students: A Gendered History, was published in 2006.

A long-standing fascination with the visual and material culture of femininity (vintage clothes, cosmetics, perfume and fur) led to a book on the history of glamour, Glamour: Women, History Feminism, which was published by Zed Books in 2010. The book explores the changing meaning of the word glamour, its relation to femininity and feminism and its significance in the social history of women.

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Glamour: Women, History, Feminism (Zed Books, 2010)

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