Katherine Murphy

Katherine has been at the forefront of most of the campaigns at the Patients Association over the last 5 years notably managing the highly successful Clean Hospital Summit in 2005, Cleaner Hospitals – Safer Healthcare in 2007, Safety Top of your Boards Agenda 2008.  Also initiated a number of other high profile campaigns that have featured largely in the media including – mixed sex wards, NHS complaints, patients rights, healthcare regulation, out of hours care , access to services and treatments. In 2009 published a collection of first hand accounts of neglectful NHS care aimed at raising awareness of poor care being given to elderly patients on hospital wards – Patients not numbers – People not statistics. The report generated a huge response from the media and stakeholders. Featured on the front page of the Daily Telegraph and was covered by every single major UK news outlet and the Wall Street Journal in the U.S.  Currently collating a second edition of patient stories.

Dedicated and tireless campaigner with a very strong interest in health policy and patient advocacy.  Passionate about making sure that the patients voice is central to every decision and that the patient voice is heard and translated into genuine quality improvement for patients.

Responsible for all public relations and fundraising and for developing and promoting the work of the Patients Association policy as well as setting the strategic direction of the organisation.  A Chief Executive at an extremely busy INDEPENDENT healthcare Charity and believes that the NHS must offer clinical excellence at all times regardless of postcode.

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