Dan Subotnik

I am interested in the impact of the theory and practice of identity on the law. Most of my attention has been devoted to affirmative action, critical race theory, consent to sex, and gender discrimination.

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Sunday 31 October 2010, 10.45am Student Union

Toxic Diversity: Race, Gender, and Law Talk in America (NYU Press, 2005)
Hands Off’ Sex, Feminism, Affirmative Consent and the Law of Foreplay
Copulemus in Pace , A Meditation on Rape, Affirmative Consent to Sex, and Sexual Autonomy

Festival Buzz

Abortion: the hard arguments

"I was stunned at the incisive level of debate, the packed venues, the calibre of the panellists and audience... getting out for face-to-face intelligent, gritty and gloves-off exchanges of views."
Humphrey Hawksley, BBC World Affairs Correspondent