John Torode

Most recently he was Political commentator, leader writer and politicalghost writer for ten years at the Daily Mail. He was previously a labour expert at the Financial Times, labour editor, Leader writer, columnist and Diary editor at the Guardian and chief leader writer and policy editor at the Independent. He has been freelance since 2005 writing for the Spectator, Jewish Chronicle, FT and has a regular spot on BBC Newschannel. His diplomatic writing concentrates on the Middle East, the Cyprus problem, the former Soviet block, the USA and Islam and the West. He has acted as a consultant to a number of small but respectable foreign governments. John was a Labour Party activist until he resigned to help found the SDP.  He has not been involved in party politics for more than 20 years and now describes himself as “a battered, bruised and uncertain Neocon”. He was educated at an East End grammar school before studying at Oxford and Cornell. His father was a sign writer who became a union general secretary.

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