Dale Russell

Professor Dale Russell is an internationally acknowledged interdisciplinary design practitioner and academic. She advocates innovative design through the synthesis of foresight, research and practice to initiate people-centred socially responsible design. Introducing narrative socio/cultural insight and understandings as we shape our future. Her creative and strategic guidance inspires visionary design cultures and projects within design and technology teams.  Always the outsider while forming long-term consultancy relationships as creative director, provocateur and design futurist across a diverse blue-chip portfolio including Unilever; Arup; Samsung Design Europe and Philips Lighting.

Dale is Visiting Professor, Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art joint Imperial College MA/MSc course and FRCA. She is Emeritus Visiting Professor, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Dale is a DACRC PhD supervisor. Her advisory roles include Design Against Crime Research Centre, UAL and Brunel University, Industrial Design Advisory Panel.

Dale is a contributor to Transmission, Dumb Fixity - Object Abuse and advisory committee member for Aid and Abet artist-led contemporary art space. She is author and contributor to the areas of research and media.

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