Nick Donovan

Nick Donovan formerly worked in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and served in a British Army EOD team. 

He leads a program building legal cases against suspected war criminals. The program employs former prosecutors from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and Special Court for Sierra Leone.  Aegis has cases at various stages of development against suspects who committed crimes in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda (1994), DRC, Iraq, and Chad.

Aegis was instrumental in the 2009 reform of UK law on genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.  This closed an impunity gap which prevented suspects from the 1990s from being prosecuted in the UK. Aegis shaped the campaign, drafted legal amendments, and successfully lobbied in Parliament and Whitehall for the reform.

Nick’s publications include Investing in Stability (HMG, 2005), The Enforcement of International Criminal Law (Aegis, 2008), Suspected War Criminals and Génocidaires in the UK (Aegis, 2009) and Mass Atrocity Crimes: the case for law reform in the U.S. (Aegis, forthcoming).

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