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Battles in Print are specially-commissioned essays that explore topics being discussed at the Battle of Ideas, serving as introductions to the debate and encouraging further reflection. Battles in Print take a variety of forms, from short provocation essays to longer think pieces and interviews, and are available both online and in print at the festival itself. They are complemented by themed book reviews on Culture Wars, the Academy of Ideas' online review.

Editor: David Bowden

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The value of poetry, Michele Ledda

Judgement in crisis, Chris Kerr

Criticism in crisis?, Nick Westbrook

Rethinking therapy culture, Kathryn Ecclestone

The Empty Staffroom, Richard Swan

What is education for?, Michael Young interview by Toby Marshall

The Tyranny of Skills, Alec Turner

The Credit Crunch Demystified - It's not a recession but a weakened economy

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