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Battles in Print are specially-commissioned essays that explore topics being discussed at the Battle of Ideas, serving as introductions to the debate and encouraging further reflection. Battles in Print take a variety of forms, from short provocation essays to longer think pieces and interviews, and are available both online and in print at the festival itself. They are complemented by themed book reviews on Culture Wars, the Academy of Ideas' online review.

Editor: David Bowden

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Politics & Ideology

What does it mean to be a liberal? An interview with Frank Furedi, Frank Furedi, interviewed by Sarah Boyes

Refocusing remembrance , Ted Harrison

Rethinking welfare, Dave Clements

Rethinking therapy culture, Kathryn Ecclestone

What next for the EU?, Chris Bickerton

Democracy and its discontents, Peter Mair interviewed by Maria Grasso

Post Ideology: New Labour and the politics of behaviour , Emily Turnbull and Michael Blomfield

Nature's revenge?, Joe Kaplsinsky

The Battle for Affluence, Stuart Simpson

'The Battle for Affluence'

"Anyone interested in taking the pulse of informed public debate wouldn't want to miss the Battle of Ideas. It's one of the most enjoyable forums to hear balanced but passionate arguments presented by some of the most articulate, knowledgeable and charismatic speakers in public life. A hard core workout if you're interested in society."
Victoria Walsh, arts curator

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