Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology

The Faculty of Architecture is one of the largest faculties of Warsaw University of Technology, with a total student enrolment of about 1200. The student-faculty ratio is very advantageous with an academic staff of 140, including 25 professors, many of whom are nationally recognised architects with considerable creative achievements. This is also one of the largest schools of architecture in the country, established in 1915 and originally housed in the Warsaw School of Fine Arts. Since 1916 it has been located in an eclectic, turn-of-century building in the central area of Warsaw.

Prominent graduates of the faculty include the famous architects Maciej Nowicki, Stanislaw Noakowski, Bohdan Pniewski, Romuald Gutt, Barbara and Stanislaw Brukalski, Jerzy Hryniewiecki, Jan Boguslawski, Oskar Sosnowski and Helena and Szymon Syrkus. These and other graduates have contributed to the development of modern architecture and planning, as well as to the establishment of the Polish School of Preservation and Conservation.

The “Warsaw School” of modern architecture, which developed between the wars, may be characterised by its creativity within the boundaries of rational design and this tradition is carried on today. It includes strong emphasis on practice as part of the student’s education and many of the faculty have been and continue to be actively engaged in the profession. In addition, research is conducted in such areas as History of Architecture and City Planning, the field of Preservation and such areas as Urban and Physical Planning, as well as CAAD techniques.

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