Rosy Rickett

After graduating and failing to bag a job, Rosy Rickett undertook an internship. That experience, along with those of her friends, prompted the beginnings of Interns Anonymous, which initially was designed to collect information and stories, rather than start a campaign. Since then it has been contacted by numerous journalists, hundreds of interns, the Low Pay Commission and the Deputy Prime Minister’s policy unit.

Rosy has worked as a Teaching Assistant, a temp and volunteered (rather than interned) for a variety of charities and is currently doing a PhD in History, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

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Sunday 30 October 2011, 5.30pm Students' Union

Learning Jargonese

"The energy, verve and enthusiasm at The Battle of Ideas filled me with hope. Coming from India where so many people still lack the basic necessities that make human life worth living, it was heartening to see basic issues of equity and justice debated with such passion and fervour."
George Thomas, orthopaedic surgeon; editor, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics

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