Battles on Video

Battles on Video presents videos from previous Battle of Ideas festivals, interviews and opinion pieces by speakers and participants, as well as specially produced in-depth discussions.

Politics & Ideology

18 10 14: Hashtag Feminism: radical or banal?

30 10 11: Rise of European populism: the revenge of politics?

30 10 11: Has tolerance gone too far?

30 10 11: Sex in the brain: do men and women think differently?

30 10 11: Is individualism bad for society?

30 10 11: What is feminism for?

30 10 11: Performing politics: is all the world a stage?

30 10 11: Loyalty in an age of whistle-blowing and Wikileaks

30 10 11: Can conservatism survive the 21st century?


"Depressed by 'debates' where the panel ignore each other? The Battle of Ideas is the real deal - two days of verbal fistfights. Accept no alternative."
Vivienne Raper, writer and editor

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