Battles on Video

Battles on Video presents videos from previous Battle of Ideas festivals, interviews and opinion pieces by speakers and participants, as well as specially produced in-depth discussions.


30 10 11: Skilling up the jilted generation: the employability debate

29 10 11: What's innovation good for?

29 10 11: Is this Africa's decade?

29 10 11: Eurozonia: too big to fail; too small to succeed?

29 10 11: The trillion dollar question: is the US economy resurgent or dependent?

09 11 09: America, Obama and the recession

04 11 09: Post-recession ideologies

16 05 09: The rise and rise of behavioural economics

16 05 09: Demystifying the crisis


"I loved the Battle of Ideas, which was mad, wild, and sparky. 2011 looks set to be even better."
Anthony Seldon, master, Wellington College; historian; political commentator

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