Battles on Video

Battles on Video presents videos from previous Battle of Ideas festivals, interviews and opinion pieces by speakers and participants, as well as specially produced in-depth discussions.

Recent Videos

30 10 11: Designer people: is technology making us less human?

30 10 11: Loyalty in an age of whistle-blowing and Wikileaks

30 10 11: Can conservatism survive the 21st century?

30 10 11: Can social democracy survive the 21st century?

30 10 11: Are the Germans still European?

30 10 11: Civil disobedience or violent criminality?

30 10 11: The rise of the clicktivists: will the revolution be digitised?

30 10 11: Smart drugs: magic bullet or cheating ourselves?

30 10 11: Life off Earth: are the aliens out there?


"The Battle of Ideas is a must for any individual who cares about the issues of today. It is the most intelligent and stimulating forum to share ideas I have ever come across."
Clare Gerada, GP; chair-elect, Royal College of General Practitioners

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