Battle of Ideas Urban Jog

Sunday 21 October, 8.00am until 9.00am, Barbican, Silk Street entrance

Urban Jogs arrives at the Barbican and the Battle of Ideas!  Come and join a jog tour of the Barbican’s urban hinterland with runner and personal trainer Ade Aboaba and urbanist Michael Owens.

Starting and ending at the Barbican Centre, the 6.4 kilometre (4 mile) jog tour will combine a story of the Barbican’s development, and the areas nearby, with a decent cardiovascular workout.

It will be an energising start to your day, so if you’re comfortable running 11 minute miles then please come and join us! Including stops, stretches and exercises on route, the jog will last an hour.

Cost: Free. To book, or for more info, please email

Produced by
Ade Aboaba personal trainer, leader, Urban Jog
Michael Owens commercial director, Bow Arts Trust; owner, London Urban Visits; formerly, head of development policy, London Development Agency

Rise of European populism: the revenge of politics?

"The Battle of Ideas was a great success; it enabled large numbers of people to hear and interact with well-known speakers who have thought about and contributed significantly to the discussions of many important issues."
Richard Swinburne, emeritus professor, philosophy of religion, University of Oxford; author, 'The Existence of God and The Evolution of the Soul'

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