Rob Riemen

Rob Riemen is a writer and cultural philosopher and is the Founder & President of the Nexus Institute , an international cultural-philosophical think tank based in The Netherlands. The Nexus Institute is a leading international centre for intellectual reflection that aims to inspire Western cultural and philosophical debateseeks to give shape to an informed dialogue between decision-makers and the world of ideas.He is also the author of Nobility of Sprit. A Forgotten Ideal (Yale UP, translated in 16 languages) and The Eternal Return of Fascism in which he explains why fascism has always the potential to return in our mass-democracy. In 2004, the Nexus Institute initiated the cultural philosophical debate on European identity during the Dutch presidency of the European Union. Riemen collaborated with the Austrian EU presidency on the conference “The Sound of Europe” in January 2006. Mr. Riemen has lectured widely, including in the United States.

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Sunday 21 October 2012, 1.30pm Barbican Theatre
Sunday 21 October 2012, 5.00pm Cinema 1

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